Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vikis Alarm Clock Instructions / Manual

I know to anyone that normally reads my blog, this might seem like a really odd post. I don't even own one of these Vikis Alarm Clocks! lol But a friend of mine does own a Vikis Alarm Clock, and while she was hunting for the instructions for the Vikis Alarm Clock she came across a blog that posted these very instructions but then got mad that people weren't actually reading her blog. *UPDATE* 8/5/14 the blog mentioned has updated her post to include the instructions! A great day for all alarm clock lovers i know!* Doing a good deed for fellow Ikea lovers does not need the reward of you reading my blog because more than likely my blog isn't your style and furthermore I don't write my blog for anyone but myself, if there happens to be a post that helps someone awesome. I hope that these instructions for the Vikis Alarm Clock made your day better. Setting a Vikis Alarm Clock without the manual can be hard. All I ask is that you pay it forward, just smile at someone today! :)